Robert nomination for A leaf falls to the sky

Since 2008 I’ve been working on a documentary together with my friend Anders Birch. In august we finally finished it, got accepted at CPH:dox and this sunday we got nominated for a Robert award for best short documentary. We are of course both happy and proud (and a wee bit surprised).

Unfortunately there isn’t planned any viewings at the moment, but we’re crossing our fingers that telly  *looking at you DR* will show it – as we (stating the obvious here) think the story is important. The documentary is called  “A leaf falls to the sky” (Et blad falder til himlen) and has the writer Knud Romer as main character in a story about life and death, growing up –  and most importantly about how we in our society treat the elderly like they don’t belong, like it’s okay to store them in facilities – “care” homes, like caged animals.