Muligvis den bedste spam-mail, jeg har fået

Federal Bureau Of  Investigation
Intelligence Field Unit
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C.

Urgent Beneficiary

I am special Agent John Edward from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) intelligence unit; we have just intercepted and confiscated two (2) trunk boxes at JFK airport New York, We are on the verge of moving them to our bureau head quarters.

We conducted scan test and discovered that those trunks contains a total sum of $4.7 Million, your email address and backup document which bears your name as the receiver of the money was found in the boxes, investigations carried out on the diplomat that accompanied the boxes into united states confirmed taking those boxes to your residence as payment which was due to you from unspecified source but the purpose is for unpaid contract sums / Inheritance accrued from different claims.

We checked all legal documents in the boxes, and where about to release the consignment to the diplomat, when we found out that the boxes lack two very important documents which as a result, the boxes has been confiscated according to section 229 subsection 31 of the 1991 constitution in tax payment, your consignment lacks proof of Fund Ownership Certificate and International Legal clearance and from the joint team of homeland security council. Therefore, you must contact us for direction on how to procure these certificates, so that you can be relieved of the charges of evading tax which is a punishable offense under section 12 subsections 441 of constitution on tax evasion and charges of consignment abandonment on the United States soil. To protect you from wrong dealings, Always reference this FBI transaction Code FBI/ JKL/AMS), Disregard any message from the FBI without this particular code.

You are required to this memo within the next 72hours, to avoid interrogation and prosecution in the court of law for money laundry and consignment abandonment and tax evasion. you must not contact any other bank or persons in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Accra Ghana, Malaysia  or any part of the world for any payment, because your payment have been confiscated by this bureau here in the united states. Our Bureau have been compromise by some unscrupulous elements but we are working tirelessly to unravel there antics with our newly acquired tracking fraud dictator. Your urgent response to security instructions shall safe you from prosecution if found guilty will be jailed.

Yours in service

Agent John Edward,

Regional Director
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
Intelligence Field Unit
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, Nw Washington, D.C.